As photographers, we treasure the seldom-observed private moment, the vision not ordinarily noticed, the profound gifts of nature. We choose to focus on the universal, what we have in common, what unites us, what makes us sensitive and responsive to the world around us, what gives us hope.

GLENDA KAPSALIS is both a fine art and commercial photographer. She also is a concert violinist.  Her photographs reside in many private collections around the world and have appeared in a wide range of publications. In addtion to her commercial work, she has spent many years documenting initiatives involving organic farming and food security.


Tek de Monterrey, Querétaro, Mexico, February 2005

Galeri Michalsky Dvor, Bratislava, Slovakia, April 2005

Gallery Art Factory, Voyeuristique, Prague, CK, September 2004

Bellas Artes, Flora Intima, SMA, Mexico, March 2003

Museo de Arte de Querétero, Querétero, Flora Intima, Mexico, April 2003

Field Museum, Chicago, IL, Urban Gardens, February ? July 2002

SSA, University of Chicago, Urban Gardens, September 2003

Council of Helenes Abroad: traveling exhibition, August - December 2001

Mid-Fest International, Middletown, Ohio, October 1 ? 8, 2001

Museo de Arte de Querétero, Mexico, Personas; February - March, 2001

Permanent Collections:

Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Museo de Arte de Querétaro, Mexico

Selected Commercial Clients:

Bell South Foundation

Chicago Magazine

DC Central Kitchen

Eye Witness Travel Guides

Food Educators Network International

Forbes Communications

Friends of the National Arboretum

Growing Power

Hearst Publications

Open Lands

The Land Connection

Washington Youth Garden

RASTO BREZNY was born in Bratislava, Slovakia where he began his fascination with photography. He has lived in the U.S. since 1969. In conjunction with a career stemming from a PhD in engineering, he completed a certificate from the New York Institute of Photography. He has studied with several of the world's renowned photographers in Master Workshops at the Maine Photographic and Santa Fe Photography programs.

An acute sense of color and form dominate his work. He specializes in abstract composition in natural or urban settings.

Permanent Collections:

Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington, D.C

Museo de Arte de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

W.R. Grace and Co.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Gallery Café Bonaparte, Voyeuristique, Georgetown, MD, May-June, 2005

Galeria Michalsky Dvor, Voyeuristique, Bratislava, Slovakia, April-May, 2005

Tek de Monterrey, Voyeurismo, Querétaro, Mexico, February 9-23, 2005

Gallery Art Factory, Prague, Czech Republic, Voyeuristique, with G. Kapsalis Sept.-Oct. 2004.

Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington, D.C., Reflections, October-November 2003.

Museo de Arte de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico, Flora Intima, with G. Kapsalis, March 20-May 3, 2003

Centro Cultural el Nigromante, Bellas Artes, San Miguel d?Allende, Mexico, Flora Intima, with G. Kapsalis, January 30-March 2, 2003

Noyes Street Café/Gallery, Chicago, IL 2002

Selected Group Exhibitions

Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington, D.C., Perfect Tense, 2004-2006.

High Risk Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 2002, 2003

Gallery Michelle, Alexandria, Va 2001

Artists Gallery, Columbia, MD, Guest Artist 2000

Roza Violet Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 1998

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